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EMS training Vienna Welcome at INMOMOTION

Your health is bothering us! Our training is custom made for your requirements! Our easy and effective methods strengthen your health and your immune defence. We help you develop a new coenaesthesia.

EMS means electrical muscle stimulation or functional electrical stimulation (FES) and is an innovative training technique, which is helping you to achieve visible results soon.

Tailor made training for your individual needs

Our three components success recipe

  • Professional: personal training with an experienced coach
  • Individual: tailor-made training with functional electrical stimulation
  • Diversified: we vary our training lessons because nothing lowers your motivation faster than monotonous training

The foundation of INMOMOTION was when owner and executive directors Momo Sharif turned his passion into a career. Sports and movement have been playing a major role since his early childhood. Born in Somalia and raised in the Tyrol, Momo was playing Volleyball in Austria’s Premiere League from 1994 to 2012. He was  part of the Austrian National Team from 2006 to 2008.

After his graduation as a sports teacher he was a passionate teacher from 2004 to 2012 at the primary school Schwechat.

At the same time he worked as personal trainer in Holmes Place Fitness, was holding courses and seminars for the Sportunion and worked as head coach of EMS Personal Training in Vienna.

Now compatible phone, email or via our online booking
your first INMOMOTION EMS training and see for yourself!
We look forward to you…

Functional Electrical Training FES Vienna

EMS Personal Training takes into account yearlong research and development of the innovative FES, which is taught around the world by leading sportsmen physiotherapists and personal trainers.

Small electrical impulses, inspired by the nature of the contractions of our muscles, train all of your muscles in a short period of time. This means that one unit of FES can be ten times more effective than traditional training methods or your usual workout.

Frequented muscle contraction is beneficial to:

  • strengthening

  • cardiovascular system

  • weight loss

This is what our customers say.

I have never been this motivated before, so I finally understand why I did not make much progress for ages. But with Momo, You are under control, that what personal means, and added value is Momo himself who carefully guides you throughout the different stages of his traininng. He really, really takes care of you! By beeing so patient and polite, he gives so many positive energy, professional advice and EMS… is just amazing! Already got addictive when I tried first time, and can’t wait my next training!